MIG (Muamalat Interactive Game) is a game-based product offers education material that implements concept muamalat and Islamic Banking.


Besides, it also promote philanthropic value to players or users.   This is an educational board game that cultivate the spirit of philanthropy among players.


It provides extraordinary fun and group learning. This concept highlights the value of economy, Islamic Finance and illustrates the cash flow as well as financial management.

Furthermore, MIG (Muamalat Interactive Game is an innovation that incorporates the concepts and operations for retail products offered by Islamic banks.


This game involves the participants (contracting parties) using retail muamalat Islamic banking products for personal financial management. 


 This game is fun learning activities, useful for Islamic banking retail product users, Islamic finance practitioners, especially the front liners marketing Islamic financial products and students in Fiqh Muamalat, Islamic finance, Islamic banking and Islamic accounting courses as well as the general public interested in Islamic finance.





MIG could assist the players to visualize the Shariah concepts applied in the contracts mentioned. This is because; at current there are lacks of awareness among the users of Islamic banking products on Shariah-compliant product features. This game also promotes ways to invest in halal investments and creates social awareness of the ummah on Shariah-compliant banking.



MIG (Muamalat Interactive Game) aims to promote and educate better understanding about Islamic Banking and importance of philanthropic awareness in the society. Players will experience the real contracts required in Islamic practices, contribute to the society through Sadaqah house and learn Syariah financial management principles  

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